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We are always looking for models to take part in our production for and

General info: We mostly shoot in UK (London, Bristol), Germany (Berlin) and Czech Republic (Prague), so in case you want to shoot with us, you should be ready to travel to one of these locations. We could be interested shooting in other cities, if we get the chance. However in general, we only do this if we can share a shoot with a local producer. As very time consuming to setup a shoot in an area, where we have limited contacts.

Currently we are looking for:


  • All ages and sizes.
  • Paid work.

Sub girls:

  • All ages and sizes.
  • Paid work.

Male slaves:

  • All ages and sizes.
  • We mostly need slaves, who are ready to act in pain-related or pegging scenes.
    We have enough applications for stuff like foot fetish, humiliation and such.
  • Non-paid work

If you are interested, taking part in one of our shoots please email to, with “Model” in the subject title. Write a little about who you are, if you have taken part in any adult production in the past. Also, a little about your limits and favourite practices, especially in the case you want to take part in a BDSM production. Please include a full profile photo (no need for a naked photo – just a photo that gives a good impression on your build).

To avoid time wasters, we require either (one of the following) :

  • A vouch from a well-known Mistress/producer or studio, or
  • That you are a current member of one of our websites – could be any of our sites. If you are a regular clip buyer via any clip site, this is also perfectly fine.

In case you sign up and cancel last minute or do not show, you will be placed on our “no show list”.
While everyone else films without paying a fee, we charge €25-100 for people placed on our “no show list”.

Successfully taking part in a shoot will get you removed, so you can shoot with us without a fee in the future.

Please note that we only accept applications for listed upcoming shoots – we have no waiting list for not planned shoots.

We will get back to you as soon as possible after receiving your application!


Please visit this page at for our updated calendar

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