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Classic Trampling by Madam Lucrecia

A trampling scene more or less as classic as it can be. Madam Lucrecia is a heavy and sexy dominatrix. In this scene she uses all of her trampling skills to trample slave Bitrack. She dig her sexy heels deep into the body of slave Bitrack, while putting all of her...

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Worship Your Mistress

A classic scene, featuring British female domination, as it should be [with a special focus on boot worship]. Who could be better to present this than British Mistress Mia Harpsichord? Dressed in latex and a pair of sexy high-heels boots our Mistress is ready to teach...

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Lady Zsi Having Fun With Slave

Slave Steelo arrived to this session with Lady Zsi very tired and with a huge hangover. He had been out to party with his work, the night before, because of last day before Christmas vacation. He actually wanted to cancel his deal with Lady Zsi, but this was of course...

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Taste My Boot, Whore!

What can be sexier than a Merciless Mistress dressed up for some hardcore domination? I would suggest a Merciless Miss Twisted dressed up for some hardcore domination, wearing a sexy pair of high-heeled boots. I am 100% sure that the slave taking part in this scene...

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Mia’s Pleasure

When it comes to femdom, what is then the most important aspect of all? This is of course that the Mistress is being pleased and receive as much pleasure from what is going on as possible. After doing a couple of more classic pain related clips, Mistress Mia B wanted...

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My Dirty Cocksucking Slave

If you follow Mistress Petite online, you will know that she is the uncrowned Queen of humiliation. She is running various very popular online humiliation classes, where you as a slave can take part (hey, Google is your friend to help you find out more about these...

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Foot Fetish And Verbal Humiliation

Foot fetish enthusiast Bryan is given the honor to caress the wonderful feet of Miss L. Bryan loves foot fetish and he loves to caress the feet of Miss L just as she loves to be caressed. Born to please a real scene for true foot fetish fans! Watch how Bryan caress...

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Our Human Ashtray 2

When we invited Miss Petite to film with us, she instantly suggested that we should also ask her good friend and fellow dominatrix, Mistress Mia Harpsichord, so that they could film together. In this human ashtray scene, you don't have to watch many minutes, before...

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