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Strap-On Domination

It´s was a great honor for us to finally get a chance to film with one of the UK´s most famous dominatrixes -  Mistress Rebekka Raynor. Even though we had hoped, for her to do a hard caning scene (unfortunately, all slaves was afraid of the combination Rebekka Raynor...

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Foot Fetish And Toilet Games

Lady Zsi loves to receive foot massage, so whenever she saw her chance to use a slave for this, she will take it. This time it is slave Steelo who get the honor of being the one to issue Lady Zsi foot fetish. After a good massage, Lady Zsi returns the favor by...

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Thank You Mistress Sarah Kelly

As a good obedient slave, you always have to be thankful to your Mistress. UK Mistress Sarah Kelly is having a little fun with her slave. She ties her slave securely to a chair in her dungeon before she starts to humiliate and torture him. Cigarette burns and verbal...

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Fake Doctor

Lady Deluxe pays her new doctor a visit, just to realize that he is nothing more than a complete pervert, not able to cure her pain. With the help of her good friend Sweetbaby, she decides to teach this fake doctor a lesson in pain management. So let’s see how the...

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Mixed Torture With Lady G

As many of you slaves out there, slave Marty had a deep fantasy about being punished by Lady G and in this scene, his dream came true... Lady G sits on slave Marty's face, while she slaps his body and cock. Lady G also makes the slave catch her spit with his mouth and...

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Windy Humiliation

Actually, this slave was here mostly to help to take some still pictures for the Mistresses. Certainly, Herrin Bestrafung ordered the slave to take part in a scene – an order he could not refuse. Verbal humiliation, flogging, cigarette burning and more is on the...

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Kitty likes Mistress’s game

Miss Flora has taken her kitty slave to the forest in the Northen part of Berlin, for some outdoor abuse. Her kitty slave is not that good with pain, so what better way to start the fun, than with some spanking to make the poor slave suffer. After the suffering, Miss...

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At The Mercy of Mistress Pandora

Our new Mistress Pandora demonstrates all of her Mistress skills, as she takes this slave to his absolute limits. You can feel the suffering of the slave, as Mistress Pandora goes harder and harder on him. Slapping, spanking, whipping and harsh Czech language are on...

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