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Show Us That You’re Sorry

You should think being accepted as a stable boy for Princess Aurora and Mistress Eclipse, would be such an honour that no mistakes would ever occur. This slave, however, messed up his work even though he had been given clear instructions. What happens when you mess up...

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Training For A Perfect Pony

By reading a little on Mistress Athena’s personal website, I learned that one thing that really gives her a rush is to take on complete novices in the game of female domination (she offers private sessions). While this “pony” has got some experience within the BDSM...

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Absolute Obedience

Restrained in a very uncomfortable position ready to take his punishment. This is the reality for this French slave, who ended up in the hands of Mistress Inka and Mistress Athena. If I should describe this scene in just a few words, it would be female supremacy. The...

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Equestrian Basics

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this pony boy for sure has a long way to go before he has learned the skills needed to fully please his Mistress. In Mistress Eclipse, the pony boy, however, has a strict but fair teacher, to learn him equestrian basics. Dressed up...

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We Are Not Cruel

Classic Female Domination at its finest! In this clip, British dominatrixes Mistress Inka, Mistress Athena take on two hopeless slaves for a lesson of real supremacy. Being dressed up equestrian style vs the naked slaves, you know who is in charge here. Ballbusting,...

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