Entertainment for Mistresses

You’re in for the ride of your life when you’re woken up by three sexy European Mistresses! Mistress Inka, Miss Flora, and Mistress Mera are feeling playful and ready to entertain themselves with their slaves.

The two slaves are awoken from where they sleep in the slave stables by the three goddesses wearing strap-ons, and they’re promptly forced to perform dildo sucking on their Mistresses. The cock-hungry slaves are desperate for their Goddess’ cocks, and the Mistresses are excited to fuck their slaves and start the fun!

The three beautiful women giggle and verbally humiliate their slaves; spit roasting them while subjecting them to the verbal humiliation. The Mistresses laugh as they discuss what sort of farm animals the slaves are most alike – as they’re certainly not men!

The scene quickly descends into a mess of writhing bodies, with the lucky slaves moaning as they’re gratefully fucked doggystyle by their Mistresses. Mistress Inka and Mistress Mera fuck their slaves with their expert pegging skills amongst the hay while Miss Flora lays back, having her cock sucked by both slaves at once.

The three Mistresses even treat the slaves to some boot and bare foot worship, and the foot sluts love having the hot and sweaty feet of the three goddesses pushes into their faces, while forcing the pathetic slaves into a masturbation competition.

These lucky slaves have clearly enjoyed too much fun so far, so the Mistresses decide it’s time for some painful punishment. The three Mistresses scrub their dirty slaves’ cocks until they’re red raw with rough loofahs, making the slaves moan and squeal with pain, before they rubbed all over with the sharp, itchy hay and left to be locked back into chastity.

Format: mp4

Length: 28:17 min

Size: 2.01 Gb

Mistress(es) in Scene

Mistress Mera

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Mistress Inka

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Miss Flora

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