Herrin Bestrafung

I am a sadistic dominant female who loves to see others suffer… in a secure controlled environment. I push the person through its limits, but I am aware of them, making the experience pleasurable for both. I aim to achieve perfection, but the truth is that perfection itself can never be fully achieved, therefore what seemed to be perfect today may not be tomorrow for the eyes of an obsessed person like me. I consider myself to be empty/cold since common life pleasures aren’t amusing for me. I pursue to gain inner harmony controlling both body and mind.

Country: Germany
City: Berlin

  • Piercings (needles, needle play)
  • Torturing while dominating
  • All about latex
  • Anal Play
  • No sexual contact with me

Sex: Does not matter
Cleaning slaves, someone to give me a pro-like massage (my back and feet are in need of it), rope bunnies, sub females or androgyn/queer people to play with and veggie poly ppl

  • Latex

My photos

My Videos

Big Butt and Breath Play

17/5-19 Face Sitting

At The Mercy Of Herrin Bestrafung

5/11-16 Female Domination

Strawberry Feet

11/2-17 Foot Fetish

Filming Slave

6/8-16 Female Domination

Ass Play with Herrin

22/2-19 Anal Play

Mixed Torture by Herrin Bestrafung

31/12-16 Female Domination

Ballbusting Hurts

25/6-16 Ballbusting

Windy Humiliation

10/11-17 Humiliation

Herrin Bestrafung

23/1-16 Female Domination

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