Lady Andromeda


Country: England, United Kingdom

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About me

I am a London based fem/fin dom with a prim and proper English accent that will seduce and tease you into complete submission.

I’m sexy, sassy and extremely addictive. Being an Aries I’m a fire sign, I can either warm you up like a nice open log fire in a log cabin, or burn you alive. It just depends on my mood. You’ll never know how to take me, but you will need to think carefully how to approach me.

By all means gaze at my beauty…imagine being trapped between my strong thighs…think about worshipping my perfect black ass…dream of kissing my feet.. by all means do that. I’ll allow you to do all that but it WILL COST (I am a PRO Dom), so be warned…

Think of me as a spider. Sitting in my web, waiting and ready to strike and get you. Once you’ve got entangled in my web it’s impossible to come out. Be warned….

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