Mark Me with Your Teeth

 Miss Flora enjoys some sensual fun with her slave in our new fetish clip, ‘Mark Me With Your Teeth’.

In jaw-droppingly sexy lace lingerie, this sadistic German Domina begins her session with some uncharacteristically softcore sensitive foreplay; massaging her submissive’s buttocks and stroking his back. She dons a black latex medical glove which is dripping with lube, and gently teases her sub’s hole before sliding a finger inside.

Miss Flora knows how to satisfy a slave, and expertly works her fingers in his hole, and he submits to her deeper and deeper. She drags his head back by his hair and decorates his hungry asshole with a pretty jewelled metal butt plug – fit for a sissy!

Continuing with her sensual domination, Miss Flora returns to her light spanking and stroking, as her slave slips away into subspace. As Miss Flora begins to have more and more fun, a smile widens across her face and by the end, the slave’s backside is pink and sore.

Ready to fill her slave’s hole, Miss Flora slips into a sexy black strap-on, and treats her slave to a cock and ball massage with some light ball tugging, before sliding her big black dildo into his ass and riding him doggy-style like the expert she is.

The slave is in for some hair-pulling, rough-riding fucking as Miss Flora slams into his hole. He moans with pleasure the entire time, even as she bites into his shoulders and neck, leaving deep bite marks. She winds up the session by dripping hot wax onto this devastatingly pleasured slave as he touches himself to the point of orgasm. But will she allow him release?

Format: mp4

Length: 23:04 min

Size: 1.64 Gb

Mistress(es) in Scene

Miss Flora

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