Miss Jessica Wood caught her slave searching her bed. What is this miserable slug doing in her bedroom? Ah, he’s looking for the key to his chastity device! How sweet! Wanted to play with your pathetic cock, huh? Well, your mistress has a fitting punishment for such a misdemeanor. Smothering his face with her divine butt to make his shrimp feel even tighter in the device, without any possibility of relief.

After forcing the rascal to lie across her bed, the lady pulled up her strict skirt and sat on his face. To jump, to fidget, to freeze for a while, so that the disobedient begins to dream of a few breaths of air, to graciously allow it to him and start all over again.

Miss Jessica looks just mind-blowing in her sheer panties and stockings. Such a flawless look from the back and front, and I bet from below! Involuntarily, you wonder if this is a punishment or a gift.

Format: mp4

Length: 19:53 min

Size: 1.41 Gb

Mistress(es) in Scene

Miss Jessica Wood

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