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Important Info: If you experience any issues with this stream, please contact us at support@perfectsinnetwork.com, and we will as a minimum be able to send you a copy of the stream when completed.

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Start: Saturday, July 16 th. at 20:00 CET


20:00 CET/3:00 PM EST – Free for all
Peitschen Polly join our Telegram Group for some pre-shoot chat. It’s your chance to ask questions, and give ideas and encouragement for some extra hard scenes!

20:00 CET/3:15 PM EST – Scene One – Mistress Choice

If you are either a fan of Peitschen Polly or Merciless Dominas, you will know Peitschen Polly for whipping. In this scene, Peitschen Polly will show you live how whipping is done – hard and extreme. A classic Peitschen Polly scene.

21:00 CET/4 PM EST – Live Interview – Free for all

Join me when I invite Peitschen Polly for a drink and a talk. Peitschen Polly will ask viewer questions, that can be submitted via our Telegram chat and Twitter account. We will also discuss the upcoming scene, and do some user polls. Peitschen Polly will tell a little about her life as a natural sadist.

21:30 CET/4:30 PM EST – Pain scene – Free for all

Peitschen Polly is the champion in natural anger and punishment. You can see the anger in her eyes, when she hit the slave. In this scene, the concept is simple. Peitschen Polly will destroy a slave – whips, kicks and you name it. Yes, that is correct. You can suggest what mistress should do to the slave by coming with suggestions during the live stream.
Hope to see you at July 16th.

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