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Twisted Passions

A little twisted, super sexy and quite evil could be a good description of UK based Miss Twisted. This scene was the first that Miss Twisted filmed with us, and I will call it a good start. Slave Tom obey entirely to his new Mistress taking her verbal humiliation,...

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Mistress Annabel and Slave 13 – Part 2

In part 1 Mistress Annabel went rather soft on slave number 13. Now Mistress Annabel takes it all one step further. She start showing her bondage skills on slave 13, so that he is fully restrained and in her full control. Then all is up to Mistress Annabel... First...

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FemDom by Mistress Silver

We asked Mistress Silver to show us a classic session with slave Wayland Nash, that maybe thought he could take a little more than he actually could. So watch, enjoy and find out how Mistress Silver will treat you at a private session! Did you know that you can find...

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Double Trampling Trouble

Dream about being trampled? Not only by one but by wonderful and cruel British Goddesses? Then this is the clip for you to watch. Divine Domino and Mistress Bounty do their first trampling session together. The heels are sharp, the slave is new and the Goddesses are...

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Lady Zsi Spit and Piss on her Slave

Hard and experienced Hungarian Lady Zsi get another chance to dominate one of her favorite slaves Steelo. Lady Zsi uses all of her power to slap and beat up slave Steelo in various ways. She uses a very painful stick to spank him, her hands to slap him, as well as...

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Messed Up Domination

A frightened slave James has been tied up to a spanking bench at Club K, when Nottingham based Mistress Storm enters the room. Just as it should be in real slavery, nothing has been planned, and James faith is entirely in the hands of Mistress Storm. A wide variation...

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Smoking Hot Ballbusting 3

This slave must be a brave man! First, he came for “Smoking Hot Ballbusting 1” with Miss Jessica Wood, then he took part in “Smoking Hot Ballbusting 2” with Miss Maxwell and Domina Jemma and now he is back, just to have his balls busted by Mistress Rebekka Raynor in...

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