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Shake Your Ass for Us, Betty

For our Berlin shoot, two girls from my office joined me. They wanted to help, see Berlin and just in general experience a Mercilessdominas shoot. Finally, a chance for them to have some of their ideas made into actual clips. The first clip filmed by the girls was...

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Little Break With Cigar

I think sometimes it must be hard to be a Mistress, having to deal with disobedient slaves, fakers and still maintain your beauty and dominance. For sure Mistress Rebekka Rayner today had a hard time, filming with us here at PerfectSinNetwork and MercilesDominas at...

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Beautiful French Feet

It's all about Mistress Nikky French and her Beautiful feet. Mistress Nikky in her sexy bathing suit with a pair of dirty feet that need some cleaning. What better tool for cleaning than the mouth of her slave? So while Mistress Nikky relaxes in the sun and verbally...

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Kitty Likes to Suck Dog’s Cock

Like dogs and cats, I think the wording sounds. Not always an easy task to pair two such different creations. In this clip, Miss Flora brings together her kitty Moya with her unknown doggy (yes, this dog showed up at our shoot with no prior notice). Miss Flora has a...

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What should have been an easy day in the office for Lady Deluxe should show to be a hard task [epesically if you know how hard Lady Deluxe can slap]. With a slave placed in front of her in the local schoolroom, Lady Deluxe is ready to dish out some severe...

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Little Evil Bites

Is biting something to film for a BDSM scene or something you would rather practice in private [like electric play, that is just a little complicated to film]? During a filming break at this German shoot, Bitrack asked if any of the Mistresses would be willing to bite...

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Bouncing Little Slut

Moya, "the cat guy", is a slutty slave who takes whatever perverted punishment from our Merciless Dominas dish out. Today Mistress Rebekka Raynor took the slave to the medical room, for her strap-on to examine his slave ass with some rough ass fucking play. A...

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The Flower

The spring is coming and Mistress Annabel is watering her garden including her human flower Bryan... After watering, her human flower also need some special care! Just like a real flower would need it in this case just an alternative cure including a flogger... Do you...

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